que es la fotografia boudoir
que es la fotografia boudoir en malaga

What does Boudoir Photography mean?

Let's first understand that the word Boudoir comes from the French to give name to a specific room between the dining room and the bedroom where, in the Marquis de Sade's book, encourage this room for intimate feminine conversations.
In this way, the men, knowing that the women were in this Boudoir room, began to stimulate their fantasies, more specifically the “masculine erotic fantasy or imagination” of knowing that the women spoke freely among themselves about their desires or desires. intimate fantasies.

Hence, Boudoir Photography is a type of photography that is oriented to male fantasy (today also female or couple) where a type of female photography is represented in lingerie, or nude, or with a minimum of clothing, highlighting the sensuality of women, or eroticism, or romanticism, depending on the desire of the person to be photographed, emphasizing that desire to become the fantasy or be in the imagination of someone in particular or many.

Today Boudoir Photography has also served to reinforce women, or whoever wants it, to feel sexy or sensual, regardless of age or physical type. Facing fears of being in front of the camera, feeling more and more free, safe and beautiful at all times.

In Spain, this type of photography has not been in style for many years, not like in the UK or USA, and here, Boudoir photography in Malaga is increasing exponentially every day.

How is the style in the Boudoir Photos?

Of course, you have to understand very well how to differentiate boudoir photographs from other styles.
Boudoir photography is more insinuating than explicit, we will find photographic situations where something can be seen sensually or let it be insinuated sensually, where a soft and delicate light predominates that surrounds certain parts of the body giving free rein to the imagination.
Ideally, natural light from a window, or other light sources, such as artificial light, are used to simulate this natural light, depending on the context in which we find ourselves.

Sessions can be held in a hotel room, or in a living room, on a sofa, in the kitchen, on the terrace, any place can be ideal for a boudoir session. Even your house or apartment.

And how do we differentiate boudoir photography from the rest?

Well, many times they tend to be very similar to erotic or nude photography, but what makes the difference is sensuality and they should not be explicit or sexual or promotional for prostitution services.
They have to be photos, which, as I said previously, invite the imagination and sensuality of the person, and in no way make them perceive any other meaning than the one described. That is why it is very important that when choosing your boudoir photographer, see what he conveys with his photos, see how he enhances the beauty and sensuality of the body, make you dream and love taking those photos for you. I invite you to look at my photos

Boudoir photos can also be confused with lingerie photos, which are not the same as photos in lingerie, either for sale or for male provocation rather than insinuation.
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For whom is Boudoir sensual photo shoot oriented?

It is a somewhat relative question, in general we could say that it is aimed at women, since they are the ones who most require this type of sensual photo session.

And surely you are wondering if you could also do a boudoir photo session, and my answer is a resounding yes.

Since there is no established prototype of how a woman should be, we will simply capture the sensuality and acceptance of the body, no matter how it is, or how old you are.
I am going to list some examples of those who have required a Boudoir style photography session.
Women over 40 who want to feel sexy, interesting and still at their best, reinforcing self-confidence and age acceptance.
Pregnant and postpartum women, where many times they do not feel that beautiful or attractive, where through boudoir photos, they see themselves in an absolutely beautiful and attractive way, recovering their state of security and attraction.
We can also find athletes, bodybuilders, fitness, and others, and also many models where they want to have some sensual photos that show their physique in a very special way and not the typical studio photos.
And what is growing the most is the couple, the openness to sensuality between the couple, such as women who want to surprise their partner by giving him a fantastic souvenir album of a boudoir photo session, in addition to delighting in the eyes with the photos, it will increase the desire of the couple. But what I have also seen in recent times are the husbands or boyfriends who give their wives an unforgettable experience.
And although it seems strange, also the Masculine or Men's Boudoir
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fotografia sensual boudoir en malaga y marbella
fotografo de boudoir para novatas en malaga y marbella
fotografia sensual boudoir malaga y marbella

What type of clothes should be worn in this type of sensual Boudoir photography?

As I have mentioned, being a sensual photograph, or a photograph that insinuates more than it is shown, the ideal is to dress in sexy clothes, such as open shirts, or bed clothes, and the most common is to wear sexy and delicate lingerie. type corsets, bodys and others.

But what makes even more interesting is the environment, so it is also very useful to use the sheets, or cushions, or objects such as glasses, jugs with liquids, flowers, and others, where we will use them to hide certain parts but leaving the rest. free for the imagination.

foto boudoir en estudio malaga y marbella
fotografia sensual boudoir malaga y marbella
fotografia boudoir en estudio malaga y marbella

Are there any rules to do the Boudoir session?

There is no rule at all, you just have to follow your desire and let yourself be guided by the photographer, who does have enough experience in sensual photography, you will get some spectacular photos. Obviously, what must be taken into account is not to cross the limit of boudoir photos to other types of photos as we have previously commented.
In addition, boudoir sessions are made depending on the taste of each person.
We must bear in mind that due to the type of sensual photography that we will carry out, we will gradually turn the climate into a confidence to be able to take the best boudoir photos and let your mind be calm and that you will always be respected.

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How to choose my boudoir photographer?

Well, as I just commented, not only understand what a boudoir photo session is like and its differences, but also see what the photos you see in the portfolio of a boudoir photographer convey to you, once you like their style, what I advise you to send an email, if you are ashamed, with all your concerns, and see how he responds to this and what solutions he offers to you, and as a last step, the phone call is decisive, at the moment you hear the voice of the photographer and feel That security and tranquility that he transmits with his voice will be the decisive point for you to hire him.

If you are looking for a Boudoir photographer in Malaga and surroundings, I invite you to look at my style, my photos and feel the desire to take these photos and feel a beautiful experience that you will remember forever, and that I am sure you will do again. more sessions, and recommend them to your friends so that they are encouraged to carry out a session, or several, of Boudoir photography in Marbella or wherever you want.

Do not hesitate to contact me by email at: or call me directly at: +34 604416603 and I will explain each question in detail and we will solve them together at all times.

el mejor fotografo de boudoir malaga y marbella
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Where will we do this lingerie photo shoot?

The ideal place, I can say that it is any place that feels good, of course, the better and more beautiful the place is, the better angles, shots and results we will obtain, that is why many times it is done in a luxury room, or in a a hotel suite, although most of the time I have done it in their house, that gives them more confidence, since they are in their environment, they can also be done in a photographic studio, where she practically poses alone without contexts and only used controlled lights, or recreating a stage, with cushions, sheets, accessories, beds or sofa; They can also be done in a car, terrace, swimming pool, forest, or wherever the imagination or desires take us when hiring a boudoir photo session.

In our section of frequently asked questions you will find many more questions that they usually ask me and there I answer all your concerns.